About TTC

Knowledge Transfer at HKUST


The systems and processes by which knowledge, including technology, know-how, expertise and skills are transferred between HKUST and society, leading to innovative, profitable or economic or social improvements.  


We foster a university-wide culture of Knowledge Transfer to advance societal impact.  


To be the exemplary institution in Knowledge Transfer for the best talents to congregate and collaborate while maintaining academic rigor and integrity.


About TTC

The Technology Transfer Center (TTC) at HKUST serves as a bridge between HKUST research community and the business sector, identifying collaboration opportunities in the local, regional and international markets based on HKUST's research strengths. TTC monitors primary and emerging fields of research within HKUST for early recognition of commercialization potential; manages intellectual properties arising from HKUST research works; supports faculty and students in their endeavors to pursue university-industry collaboration, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.


It is HKUST's mission to contribute to the economic and social development of Hong Kong and its region. Thus, TTC seeks to promote promising new technologies to enhance the competitiveness and development of local industry. It utilizes the outstanding research and development infrastructure and resources of HKUST and its international links to facilitate the application of advanced technology. In short, TTC is the knowledge transfer agent of the University, aiming to facilitate effective technology development and transfer to the benefit of society.